How to design the right influencing approach?

Once you have the right team in place, it’s time to get into action. But where do you start? Taking actions in the wrong order will backfire dramatically on you. Meeting with a decision-maker before you have formulated your position on a key issue will leave you speechless. Designing a campaign before you are sure that it tackles the most important issue for your company will send you completely the wrong way.


We help you gathering the right information and intelligence. Often, public affairs managers have difficulty to choose the right sources of information to regularly check and to get a good picture of the external environment.

You might overlook relevant policies that impact your commercial, operational or marketing departments! We provide you with a structured way of monitoring external, regulatory developments and how to share them with key internal stakeholders.

With this, the GA department is confident that he can keep senior management and business units abreast of the long list of regulatory developments.

Strategy creation

If you know which issues are coming your way, how do you set your public affairs goals? For many, it is often very difficult to formulate regulatory objectives. And even if you know where you are heading, its even more difficult to devise the steps how to get there. There are so many options, and also so many unknowns (and unknown unknowns…). We all know – politics can be very unpredictable!

At TT Werkhoven, we are well versed to help you with political risk analyses, with setting regulatory objectives and developing compelling campaigns that help you get there. All this gives you clear guidance to create a strategy and also to keep your senior management properly informed.


Building intelligence takes time. For your key issues, you need to know which other stakeholders, competitors, decision-makers, are ‘playing on the field’.

TT Werkhoven has designed a stakeholder-issue analysis tool that gets you the best insights into the ‘issue-arena’. Far better than your competitors, or other opponents. As we all know, building superior intelligence is crucially important before designing any strategy!

Strategy Execution

If you think that having a created strategy will bring you success: think again. Execution is equally important and difficult. Meeting with stakeholders and decision-makers requires minute planning and lots of skill.

We help you build interpersonal skills and prepare, run and follow up with your meetings. We can plan and organise political marketing events in Parliament or elsewhere. This guarantees you can build broad coalitions that are essential to achieve your goals.

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