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When your business expands internationally, TT Werkhoven is the right choice for you!
Simply put, we give you the most complete and holistic tools on the market to deal with government policy.

More and more, government rules and regulations put pressure on doing business, all around the world.

Pressures – and opportunities – can come from many sides. Say you import fruit and vegetables from South America into the European Union when all of a sudden the EU decides to ban the use of certain pesticides or herbicides you use. You wouldn’t be able to import your produce anymore. Or you manufacture low-emission vehicles, and the government is thinking about lowering the taxes for consumers buying environmentally friendly cars.

Public Policy can seriously impact your organisation and your business strategy. New rules around employment can increase your HR cost; Tax regulations can cause you more red tape.

You want to foresee these pressures and opportunities well in advance. Not even that, you want to avoid them or grasp them fully. And how do you forecast and manage the regulatory space you are in? How do you build and execute a full scale influencing campaign?

How can government affairs add value?
How much does it cost?
Does it take long?
What are the risks?
What’s the benefit?
Ah, the benefits! The benefits of empowering your public affairs are numerous (and depend on your specific circumstances). Look on this page to discover some of the benefits you can get. Or give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to start picking some low hanging fruit for you.
Why should I contact you?

TT Werkhoven:

  • Helps organizations empower their corporate affairs teams and creates more value for the business.
  • Designs a company’s public affairs strategy from scratch or revamps existing plans for better results.
  • Advises on how to implement an organization’s strategy by building an effective public affairs team.
  • Coaches senior executives on how to support their public affairs team through tactical internal / external engagements.
  • Builds capabilities within an organization to coordinate and communicate more effectively on public affairs issues, creating alignment and momentum for more impactful external messaging.

Giving structure to a public affairs approach

At TT Werkhoven, we appreciate you want to run your commercial business. You don’t have quite the understanding how you to get a grip of the political space you’re in. Sometimes you simply don’t know where to start. We understand. That is why we have built a holistic model that gives structure to the approach and all the activities that make up successful public affairs management.

You can have a look at our model here.

TT Werkhoven can provide you with all the different tools along the model you need, according to the specific situation you are in. A truly tailor made approach, that can be suited to your individual needs! Every company and every situation is unique. Therefore, we offer tailor made solutions that are right for you.

  • Do you want help with setting up a government affairs department? We can help you hire the right government affairs manager or even set up an entire department.
  • Afraid that your future regulations fall through the cracks, and you can’t get your organisation ready in time? We can set up a robust monitoring process.
  • You want assistance with designing the right influencing approach? We can help you set up an engagement strategy that really works and doesn’t cost too much resource.

For every problem, we have a solution. Below, for the main stages of our model, we can describe in more detail what we can offer you.

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Tier #1 - Embed Public Affairs in Your Organization

Often, dealing with public affairs starts with hiring the right people and setting up a lean public affairs department. This is not easy and should be well thought through. A public affairs department needs to be embedded into the wider organisation – only then can it add value to your commercial business. It takes skill and experience to do this right.

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Tier #2 - Design the Right Influencing Approach

Once you’ve got sufficient public affairs resources in place, it’s time to think about which policies and issues are important to you. Knowing what’s cooking with regulators is very important – you can’t know early enough what’s going on! There are many tools for building political intelligence. We can implement the right one for you.
And once you know what’s cooking, you want to be there to influence – as soon as possible! We can help you set up a winning campaign that efficiently and effectively influences policy makers.

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Tier #3 - Gain the right skills and build strong relations

Public Affairs Management is an art and a skill. As one of the gurus once said: ‘mastering Public Affairs is a matter of disciplined creativity. But it can be taught. We at TT Werkhoven help you build the right skills and capabilities necessary to be successful, and show you how to build strong relations and high-level, influential networks and coalitions that make an impact.

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